Utilizing the AquTrac Software, Aqumix® has developed a proven process for managing returnable-refillable containers in the noncrop/speciality segment of the agrichemical industry.
This process is applicable in other liquid handling markets as well. Conventional, one-way packaging supply chain management utilizes 10 steps, versus the Aqumix returnable-refillable packaging system, which uses 6 steps.

Step 1: Manufacturer
Forecast volume requirements
Forecast volume requirement, in different package sizes
Determine inventory requirement, at different warehouse locations by geography

Step 2: Bulk shipping
Bulk shipment from manufacturer to packager.

Step 3: Packager
Fills one-way containers based on manufactures forecast
Containers are filled based on anticipated future orders in a particular package size

Step 4: Truckload shipping
Truckload shipment of package goods to public warehousing

Step 5: Public warehousing
Increases inventory cost

Step 6: LTL Shipping
Less than truckload shipment of one-way containers to distributor

tep 7: Distribution warehousing
Increased inventory cost to the distributor
Necessity of warehouse space

Step 9: End-user
Utilizes one-way container
Must clean container for disposal
Can not close transfer material for reduced exposure for the worker

Step 10: Landfill disposal
Increased liability for improper disposal
Implication of adverse environmental impact

Step 1: Manufacturer
Forecast volume requirements in bulk

Step 2: Shipping
Bulk shipment from manufacturer to Aqumix regional bulk facility

Step 3: Aqumix Regional packaging facility for returnable-refillable containers
Bulk storage capability for manufacturer
On demand packaging eliminates package size and geographic forecasting for one-way containers.

Both containers and products are tracked and managed through the

Reduced inventory cost
Reduced packaging cost through reusable containers

Step 4: LTL shipping
Less than truckload shipment of returnable-refillable containers to distributor or direct to the end-user

Step 5: End-user
Utilizes closed transfer equipment
Manages inventory with AquTrac software
No landfill disposal liability
No container cleaning requirement
Just-in-time inventory reduces inventory cost

Step 6: Container is returned to regional facility
Aqumix picks up empty container for reuse
No landfill disposal required and no environmental impact.